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  • I feel very fortunate to have been seen by Cora and I recommend her to all my friends and family. I never feel rushed during our appointments and she always asks lots of relevant questions and makes pertinent suggestions.  She knows how to adapt her advice to my life style, thus not recommending changes that would be difficult for me.  She always keeps up to date with the latest developments in nutritional therapy.  My health has improved massively since our first appointment and she helped with health problems that were lingering from long time.  

    Adriana W, Stevenage

  • Cora really gave me a lot of in-depth advice on nutrition and health. She was always at the end of an email when i had questions and concerns. Her calm manner and knowledge really helped me to adjust to a new diet and start my wellbeing journey. She also gave me a lot of other advice on other treatments for fatigue and ME, and they have all really helped me regain my health. Thank you Cora. I'll definitely be coming back for regular health checks.     Gemma F, Rochester

  • I first visited Cora when I was suffering with severe pain in my hip and not wanting to resort to pain-killers. The pain was waking me at night and even caused difficulty washing my feet in the shower. Cora was very thorough when taking my case history and current diet and really listened to my likes and dislikes, making her diet very easy for me to stick too. I found improvement within a few days of following her plan, and after several weeks I was pain free and able to lift my legs with no problem.  As a bonus I seemed to have more energy, my skin looked fresher, and I lost the dark circles under my eyes!       

    Christine L, London

  • I found Cora Weekes on the web via Google. I liked her photo, she has a very 'open' face  but most of all Cora mentioned older people as one of her interest areas. It was so good to see someone particularly interested in older people.  My biggest two problems were the inability to lose weight and extreme fatigue leading to sleeping for long periods of the day and night.  Cora designed a diet sheet for me and recommended two supplements.  The diet was easy to organise and I did not feel hungry at any time and lost weight steadily and in conjunction with the supplements I began to feel energised.  It didn't happen over night but over a period of time I began to feel my old self again, someone who busies about.  I shall keep in touch with Cora and if I start to fall back into bad habits I shall turn to her again.       

    Adele H, Canterbury, Kent

(Update from Adele H:
I've been meaning to tell you, since I have been on this diet my blood sugar levels are such that my doctor said he would not believe I was a diabetic they are so good.  So there you are!  Thank you for that.)


  • Cora has been wonderful at guiding me through a process of improving my digestion, resulting in me being able to leave medication behind - something I had been unable to do by myself, for over two years. She has been patient, thorough and caring in determining my needs and giving me appropriate advice, individualised action plans and guidance. It has been wonderful being able to work with her via Skype. I highly recommend working with Cora!         

    SD London

  • I started working with Cora following surgery and chemotherapy for bowel c*****. I had already realised that diet was going to help prevent the c***** returning and had made a start. It was suggested I visit a nutritionist, and located Cora as the closest fully qualified practitioner to us. She commended what I had already done and built on it from there. Her approach is sensible and sympathetic, not dogmatic or extreme in any way. She takes her time, listens well and is very thorough. She has never tried to persuade me to do anything I was unwilling to try at the time. Her rates are extremely reasonable. She takes a personal interest in her clients, and is always happy to follow up by email. Does it work? Well, at 70 I am lighter and fitter (apart from a few niggles that I would still put down to chemotherapy) than for a long time. Two years on, there is no sign at all of the c***** returning.  I am sure that Cora's input has made a major contribution to this.         

    Tim M, Rochester

  • Cora has helped me tremendously over the past few months. I am suffering an immune disease problem and she had helped me cope with supplementation and nutrition. She is always there for me when I need her and is a very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would thoroughly recommend her.         

    Christine C, Chatham

  • What a help Cora has been in helping me manage and alleviate my long term I B S symptoms. Not only is she very well Informed about the nutrition field and can consider the multiple factors involved in ill health, but she is a great listener and her assistance often went beyond the call of duty.       

    Raza G, Chatham

  • I first contacted Cora Weekes on the 5th January 2015, as my weight was spiralling out of control at 16st 12lbs. I'm 5'5" high, aged 76. I also have type 2 D, due to my weight my blood readings were high most mornings between 8.6 and 11. My bedtime readings were about the same; my overnight insulin on average was between 30 to 40 units. On my first visit with Cora Weekes we discussed my medical history and a daily diet that was tailored around my D. It's now 8 months later and my weight is 11st and my type 2 D is now under control, I no longer take insulin, my readings 5 to 7.       

    Tim Jackson, Chatham

  • Hi Cora, just a note to say thank you for your wonderful advice. I think everyone would benefit from such advice. My digestion is better and my weight gradually going down. It's great that people can change their bad eating habits and be happier and healthier.     Geoffrey B, Gillingham

  • I first contacted Cora some 9 months ago as I was having stomach discomfort. She immediately recommended a wheat and dairy free diet during the initial telephone consultation which has proved to be very accurate. At our first appointment, she went into great detail on my symptoms and recommended dietary changes and supplements. This and our subsequent sessions have meant I am virtually trouble free and have the confidence to retry different varieties of food again. The world of difference!       Chris C, Headcorn

  • I contacted Cora for help, having experienced increasing tiredness which was impacting on all aspects of my life including my mood. I have always tried to maintain healthy lifestyle but I lost focus due to pressures at work, master’s studies balanced with family life. At the same time, I promised to support a friend to run half marathon so I knew that things needed to change! For this reason, I chose the package of three sessions to make sure that I get on top of my diet and health. Cora gave me expert advice and was spot on with her recommendations as I started to notice changes in how I feel very soon after the first appointment. I can only describe Cora as professional, caring and very knowledgeable! Thank you for taking the time to work with me. I highly recommend your services.       Ida B, Wouldham

  • Cora  has helped me with several issues regarding digestion and general health. I found our sessions very enjoyable and informative. Cora spent time and was very thorough in her investigations. I would thoroughly recommend her.       Christine D, Chatham                                                                                                

  • Cora helped me tremendously with my migraines, lethargy and various gastro-intestinal problems. I was guided what supplements to use and they worked really well; also I have lost weight without even trying. It is truly life changing.       Margaret Cnatalska, Sheldwich                                                                                   

  • Cora has hugely improved my digestive health and advised on lifestyle, diet and supplements to kick-start my body into working as it should. My IBS symptoms have been eradicated, and Cora has taught me how to eat in order to maintain this. In the coming months I am even hoping to re-introduce some foods that I haven't been able to eat for many years. Highly recommended.       Jody Page, Maidstone

  • Cora helped me to look at my overall health and nutrition in a new way and supported me through the necessary changes that I needed to make to achieve my goals.  Cora's excellent knowledge and supportive approach was very much appreciated and can be thoroughly recommended.       Andrew S, Chatham

  • I would highly recommend Cora. I initially went to her with an acne issue.  After an in-depth assessment Cora advised me a detox would be the best route, to help balance my hormones/insulin levels.  She has been very supportive throughout, offering advice over email following the consultations. The plan has helped me enormously, I feel better than ever and have noticed a huge difference in my skin’s appearance. In addition, I’ve lost weight and feel my health has improved. Thanks for all your assistance, Cora!       Emma A, Maidstone 


  • Thank YOU! You're the one who helped us change our eating habits and lifestyle and seeing and feeling the benefit! We both feel great! 🤗 All the very best!       C&J E, Chatham

  • Just an quick update I’m doing really well though I put on 3lb over Christmas and new year I have lost nearly a stone since I saw you. My tummy and bowel is the best it’s ever been and I am enjoying a lot of the foods you have suggested. I think the best change was to swop diet fizzy drinks with carbonated water with slices of lemon and lime my thirst is quenched better and my tummy does not hurt either. My mood has also improved immensely, it all seems very positive.        Dawn D, Chatham

  • Cora has been an amazing support during my journey to find out about my health. She helped digestive issues that I have had for over 8 years.
    I will forever be grateful for all her knowledge and advice to help me eat better and look after my body from the inside.
    The final piece of the puzzle has been conceiving our first baby after 5 months in her care.
    Thank you again Cora xx       Sarah C, Rochester

  • I’m very happy that I found Cora. She is a very nice person and a great professional. Cora is incredibly knowledgeable. I was really impressed with her approach and felt like she had the whole picture of me while addressing my symptoms. She was always happy to answer my questions. I feel much better after working with her; I even managed to treat SIBO with her help, a condition which is very difficult to treat. And she also helped my daughter. I highly recommend working with her if you need to improve your health.      Elena P.

  • Hi Cora.I have taken your advice and my digestion has improved dramatically.
    The improvement in my digestion, has meant, that I generally feel much better, and have stopped suffering from almost constant tummy discomfort.
    Thank you so much for your invaluable advice.      Brian M.

  • Just wanted to say you have made a massive difference to my overall health and I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks x      Tasha M, Northfleet

  • I’m sure you’ll be happy to know after the advice you gave me I’ve not had any issues with my sinuses, so I can’t thank you enough for that.  Honestly, I’ve never felt better and a lot more confident now that I’m not walking around with a runny nose all the time!      Azhar A, Rochester 

  • Cora is very professional and has a vast knowledge of Nutrition. She will help you to become a healthier person not only by advising you on what to eat or what supplements to take but also on how to live healthily. She is also a very nice caring person and very respectful which is of paramount importance when working with a health care provider. Furthermore, she is a very positive person and cares about the environment. I wish I had studied nutrition when I was younger. I thoroughly recommend Cora.      Mark F, Bridgend

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